Who is al reynolds dating

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Fired “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant Star Jones’ ex-husband, Al Reynolds, is demanding ,000 from the loose-lipped diva for trashing him on “The Wendy Williams Show” and blasting his rumored current girlfriend — her TV nemesis, Ne Ne Leakes. including, without limitation, the other’s family, companions, dates, acquaintances, or future spouses.” Her lawyers insisted a breach of the clause requires the offending party to pay a ,000 “liquidated damage penalty.” But, according to Reynolds, Jones forgot, went on Williams’ March 25 show and trashed her almost four-year marriage, saying, “You know what . After Leakes said that she “wouldn’t spit on Jones” if she were on fire, Jones told Williams: “That is not a ladylike thing to say.

Sources say Jones herself pushed for stipulation in her 2008 divorce agreement with Reynolds that they would not make “disparaging remarks” about each other’s “personal, private or family life . Oh, but then again, we are talking about someone else here.” Banker-turned-professor Reynolds refers to outspoken “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality star Leakes in the court papers as his “acquaintance.” But Leakes has denied recent reports she was “revenge dating” him to get back at Jones, saying; “I don’t know Al from a can of paint! Weiss, fired off a letter to Jones seven days after her appearance on Williams’ show to demand she pay him ,000.

While Ne Ne apparently said, “I don’t know Al from a can of paint,” the Post calls her his “rumored current girlfriend.” Could this really be true?

Reports claim Reynolds is renting a room in Shepherd's Upper West Side townhouse while working on a financial project in the Big Apple.

the wedding was fabulous, but the marriage was kind of booty.” To add insult to injury, Jones then went after Leakes, who became her biggest “Celebrity Apprentice” rival.

The letter, obtained by Page Six, references Jones’ “booty” comment. Reynolds’ attorney filed a complaint in Miami-Dade County Court last night.

I respect her, her privacy and she respects my privacy." As for how Reynolds--who married Jones in an elaborate ceremony in 2004 in New York City--reflects on the Star Jones chapter of his life, he tells Too Fab: "I just want to say that everything has kind of been a learning experience, and when I look back on it, I say, 'OK, what's left for me to learn? ' I feel like for me, I was pretty much raked over the coals, so the reference from that has done nothing but make me stronger, smarter and wiser.

"I am dating, but I am dating no one seriously right now.

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