Updating my navtech cd

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In addition to the better-looking user interface the MKIV supports split screen technology that puts the map on one side and the directions on the other side of the display.

This feature is user selectable via the Settings menu.

The BMW Mk IV nav computer was introduced around 2004 and is used on the BMW X5 and 7-series models, upto and including the 2006 BMW X5.

Since it was designed to be compatible with the original BMW X5 nav system, it is also compatible with Range Rovers sold from June 2002 through late 2004, which used the same computer, in-dash display and wiring.

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It gave directions in 3 seconds, and drew the map immediately.The latest version of the BMW MKIV firmware also allows for 3D map viewing via a hidden menu item.To turn on perspective mode, from the main menu of your navigation screen select "settings", then press and hold the MENU button for 8 seconds.(Selecting General Destinations brings up the standard searches.Choosing Travel Information provides the new features).

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