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Mac OS X must be installed on an IDE drive smaller than 8 GB or on the first partition of an IDE drive larger than 8 GB - and that partition must be smaller than 8 GB.

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You can use a Blue & White Power Mac G3 or any Power Mac G4, as the drop down door makes access to drives fast and easy.(You can't boot from a CD to do a firmware update; you have to boot from a hard drive.) Be sure the firmware update has taken before upgrading your Mac OS installation, as you can otherwise end up with a Mac that won't boot with the OS you've just installed.Another tip from Bill: If you do end up with an unbootable tray-loading i Mac and have access to another i Mac that's working just fine with the version of the Mac OS you installed, swap out the little daughtercard CPU modules.I've been carrying on an extended email conversation with Bill Brown for months.Bill is more-or-less the IT guy for an intense volunteer Mac program at a senior center.

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