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Map over Lammermuir Hills showing farmland abandoned and lowered climatic limits to cultivation 1600-1800.

The Saksun Church is seen in the left foreground, located on top of Kvggjarhamar mentioned in the text below. February 2, 1602, the Faeroe Islands are hit by a great storm, today still remembered as the hard Kyndelmisse.

Hudson Bay seen from the SE, with the yellow arrow indicating the position of Jens Munk's winter harbour at Churchill River (right). Navigation proved difficult, and some serious navigational errors were apparently made by Munks English (or Scottish? Much time was used in vain attempting to locate the Hudson Strait, the gateway to the Hudson Bay .

Eventually the expedition entered The lack of vitamin-C resulted in the sailors' worse fear: an outbreak of scurvy. And when the ice finally opened, in June 1620, there were only Jens Munk and two others survivors left.

In maritime upland areas, quite small increases in altitude commonly result in marked shortening of the growing season and a great reduction in the accumulated warmth as measured in degree-days above a certain temperature (Manley 1945).

Click here to see an example of this from the 20th century.

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