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It’s as natural as eating, so why are we so frigid when it comes to talking about it?

Besides, we all need to work at making sex less of a tabu subject.

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I know my wonderful mother is probably cringing as she reads this (sorry mom), because sex is an intimate experience shared between two people that love each other. However, sex isn’t always an intimate experience shared between two people.

And since I’m on the subject, a woman who loves to have sex is not the S.

Sharing about angles that work the best (aka the fastest, if you know what I mean), or how to get away with it in public (just kidding I would never do that), are important things to share with your girlfriends. Because as informative as 101 things you didn’t know about sex is, it’s your girlfriends that are the best source of info.

What I realized is that if you don’t share your experiences and your friends don’t share theirs, then you’re never going to pass along tips that can help others and yourself make an even better experience. Obviously you don’t scream from the mountain top about ALL your sexual experiences, but when you’re having a girls night and the theme is Sex and the City, sharing makes not only for a good laugh, but also the opportunity for others to learn a thing or two. advice babies baby bullies cats children children scare me comedy Cool Dancing date dating Douche Drinking dudes eating facebook Family Friends idiot interview Jen Woodall kids life love marriage Men mom money Mr.

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