Nellie and michael dating

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Michael, who does not pick up on several hints that Holly has given him (about attending the concert with her), purchases the tickets from her and rips them to pieces.

Michael is pleased when Corporate HR blasts Holly for seeking disciplinary action against Meredith over the sex-for-supplies (and Outback Steakhouse coupons) deal instead of conducting a stupid seminar and getting signatures, but he also yells at the staff to complete the seminar.

She is subjected to hazing by Dwight Schrute, who convinces her that Kevin Malone is mentally challenged, a belief she continued to harbor until Season Five when it was embarrassingly pointed out to her that he wasn't.

During an attempt to put a raccoon in Holly's car, a Toyota Camry Solara convertible, Dwight is berated by Michael, who takes Holly's side and loudly proclaims that she is the "best thing that has happened to him and the company since World War II." Holly invites Michael to go out for dessert after Toby's going away party, but Michael turns her down, opting instead to go with Jan Levinson, who is pregnant and had asked Michael to be there as if he were the child's father.

Jan then orders Michael not to date Holly before driving away.

This, in addition to feeling no connection with Jan's baby, prompts Michael to apologetically hug Holly and ask her out on a date, which she accepts, visibly moved.

J., which deeply upsets Michael and makes him unable to do his presentation; he ultimately breaks down and asks her boyfriend about Holly in front of everyone before leaving. The presentation goes horribly and gets worse when they reveal that the Buffalo branch is closing down, much to everyone's surprise.

He goes to her desk and smells her sweater, cutting a sleeve off to take with him. Michael and Holly reminisce about the presentation and talk about one in the future. J., with Michael noting that it wasn't the right time to talk to her and that they will eventually find each other.

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Hollis "Holly" Partridge Scott (née Flax) is a fictional character from the US television series The Office played by Amy Ryan.In the office, she is noticeably more acquiescent to Michael's antics and ideas than was her predecessor, Toby.At the office, Michael proposes to her with the help of their co-workers.She and Michael Scott become good friends in the office, though Michael desires to turn their friendship into a romance, which eventually takes place.Executive producer Greg Daniels has repeatedly stated that the inspiration for Flax's character stems from a shopgirl who served him on a vacation in Newfoundland, Canada, whom he described as "a female Michael Scott." She is originally from Des Moines, Iowa, and her parents now live in Boulder, Colorado and her father suffers from dementia.

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