Kristie alley dating black men

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"I'm tall so I could trick myself into thinking I could carry it off," she says."I could look at myself a certain way and say, 'Your waist is little,' or 'You look good from this angle,' but eventually I ran out of angles and then I was done for." She can laugh now because she is probably the first woman to defy Hollywood's strict demand for slimness and emerge triumphant.The 64-year-old Jenny Craig spokesperson knows that the hardest part of any weight-loss journey is keeping it off.While she admits that in the past she has struggled with yo-yo dieting, she says she's proud of where she's at now. It wasn't like I gained 600 pounds and then I lost it.It's been a year since Kirstie Alley announced her 50-pound weight loss and she's kept it off!Now, she might be celebrating her milestone with a younger man.Alley admitted that she was "not impressed" by her dating pool."I wanted to say something to men over 45. “[Lemurs] are one of the few primates that you can actually bring little kids, anybody in, and they will sit on your lap and you’re safe,” Alley, 65, said. ” Alley was previously married to Bob Alley from 1970 77, and Parker Stevenson from 1983 97.

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The actress, who rejoined Jenny Craig as the dieting company’s spokesperson in 2014 and dropped 50 lbs., says nowadays she is “discouraged” by the dating scene.Fat Actress, which starts its British run on FX from July 21, is bawdy, raucous and very funny - just like Alley herself who, as well as creating and starring in it, is the executive producer and comes up with the show's ribald stories.She fearlessly sets out the difficulties facing a former sex symbol whose once jaw-dropping figure expands in middle age.In fact, Kirstie had an emotional affair with a young man at age 24, four years into her first marriage to Bob Alley (Kirstie’s maiden name is also Alley, and her father is named Robert, to make things more confusing.) Kirstie met Bob at high school in Kansas.She married Bob when she was 20, and worked in a sweatshop laundry while he completed veterinary school.

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