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In 1853, the Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power & Manufacturing Company was first chartered.The Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power & Manufacturing Company had purchased the water rights and began construction of this canal.He envisioned bypassing the falls with a hydraulic canal leading to a large reservoir on the cliff above the gorge.From here the water would flow to the base of the gorge to turbines connected by belts to industrial machinery above.He had only one customer, Charles Gaskill's flour mill.By 1877, Day had completed one mile of the canal and was bankrupt.On May 1st 1877, Jacob Schoellkopf purchased the hydraulic canal land and water and power rights for ,000.

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The Porter brothers held on to the American Falls and their water rights.

Joncairs did not invent the waterwheel, however before he arrived, the power of Niagara was being used for nothing more than washing.

In 1805, Augustus & Peter Porter of Buffalo, New York came to Niagara Falls. The Porter brothers purchased the American Falls from the State of New York at a public auction.

Robert Moses Generating Station - water diversion capacity is 109,000 cubic feet per second Adam Beck #1 (one unit produce 25 cycle) - water diversion capacity is 22,000 cubic feet per second Sir Adam Beck #2 water diversion capacity is 42,400 cubic feet per second Origins of Power Augustus and Peter Porter Joseph Schoellkopf Thomas Evershed & the Hydraulic Tunnels Edward Dean Adams & the Niagara Falls Power Company In Search of Long Distance Transmission Niagara Falls Powerhouse #1 & #2 The Schoellkopf Power Plant Disaster Queen Victoria Parks Commission The Niagara Falls Park & River Railway Power Station Canadian Niagara Power Company Ontario Power Company Toronto Electric Light Company & The Toronto Power Station Ontario Hydro & Sir Adam Beck Sir Adam Beck - Niagara Generating Station #1 Sir Adam Beck - Niagara Generating Station #2 Robert Moses Niagara Generating Station Niagara River Water Diversion Treaty In 1759, Daniel Joncairs was the first recorded person to have harnessed a very small portion of the power of Niagara.

He dug a narrow ditch above the falls on the American side and was able to draw enough water from the river to turn a waterwheel to power a small sawmill.

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