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If you have the time, I suggest you watch my video below first. If you also follow my You Tube channel you will get updates and my latest prophecies for 2018.

As well as making psychic predictions I also suggest spiritual remedies that we can all do to help make the world a better place.

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For more photos or if you are interested please contact me on: [email protected] 4915786396056 picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture August 7 2017 October 6 2017 October 23 2017 6 string romantic guitar by Lars Jönsson after René Lacote, Paris 1847 Stringlength 630 mm, Back and sides of birdseye maple, Ebony fingerboard. It is a guitar with a very good dynamic range with a deep base and sweet sounding trebles. The soundboard (harmonic table) is original, but the bridge was replaced some years ago (not from me but it is a very well done job); the case is included. For more photos and information contact: [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture October 11 2017 Early Romantic guitar by D. I’ll throw in a spare set of La Bella 10-string set. hidekiyamaya at yahoo dot com picture picture picture picture picture September 2 2016 Andrea Berr (1699), 11 course, 65cm string length baroque lute. Close to excellent condition (3 peg nodules missing). picture picture picture picture picture September 1 2016 8 course lute by Peter Roberts (Australian-made) built in 2000 with custom built Kingham case. 50 Will consider trades for plucked instruments. Nice little lute in perfect shape, with a surprisingly big and well balanced sound, great volume and projection. [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture March 19 2016 5 course guittern after Hans Ott (1450) made by Ugo Casalonga (2013) String length 40-41cm (currently tuned DAECG) grey poplar monoxyle body, magnificent parchment rose by Elena Dal Cortivo The instrument is located in Geneva, Switzerland. [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture March 19 2016 15 course theorbo by Jason Petty (2005) for sale. More info: [email protected] picture picture picture picture February 22 2016 7 Course Lute by Anatoli Gundilowicz String length 60cm Built in 2014 The instrument is in perfect condition.If the instrument has been listed for over a year there is a 50 percent chance that it is sold. Don't accept a check for more than the value of the instrument plus shipping! Note - Aug 2008, I just got the first advertisement from a "Nigerian" trying to sell a guitar. v=6t_TV8Imn TI Asking price: 2700 euro For more info please contact: yavorusmagnus AT December 19 2017 6 course vihuela de mano in g, by Francisco Hervás (2014). Mahogany back and sides, cypress neck and pegbox and spruce top. Price (including case): 3500 Euros Here is the one: can be seen in Madrid. v=La Tb FY9ekys beautiful 6-course lute made by the prestigious maker Ivo Maguerini (2014) for sale. String length 640mm, back length 448, widest part of the body 296, nut width 45, string height at the 12th fret 3.25 (6st string) and 3.00 (1st string).If you want me to post your instrument please read this If this service has made you happy, please consider making a donation to my lute string fund! In March 2017 some fishy looking ads were submitted to me with pictures apparently taken from e Bay. Wide body is comfortable and gives a sonorous, oud-like sound in the bass and midrange. Cambered fingerboard allows for thick frets along the neck. 00 includes hard Kingham case and K&K Pure Preamp. Contact Taylor di Clemente at [email protected] picture picture picture picture November 29 2014 May 3 2016 February 27 2017 7 course lute by Ivo Magherini (1990) for sale. Very good contidion, powerful sound and nice projection. An amazing sounding instrument, wonderfully decorated, almost a collector's item. Contact Ariel Abramovich: [email protected] April 10 2017 December 15 2017 6 course lute, early 16 C model, based on various sources of iconography, built by Alfonso Marín in 2013. Maple back, pear wood neck and pegbox, wonderful spruce top. A museum piece which is totally playable Just to be Clear: it was made by Nicolas Marotel, and later was converted from wooden tuning pegs to mechanical tuners, almost definitely by a pupil of Lacote called Legros De La Neuville, at this time Legros added his handwritten label. Contact: [email protected] pictures and details see: September 17 2015 For sale, a new Arthur Robb 8 course lute, 600mm string length, tuned to g and strung with Kürschner strings.use Google image search to see if the pictures you are looking at are right. 1,950 English pounds Dr James Westbrook The University of Cambridge & The Guitar Museum, Brighton Telephone: 07836 550210 (int.: 44 7836 550210) picture picture picture picture picture January 3 2016 I am selling a brand new Kingham case for a 10/11 course lute. The 13 rib body is figured sycamore, the fingerboard and soundboard edging are Indian rosewood, the bridge plum and the pegs pear. Cost, including a new blue Kingham (made to measure case) is £3500. Contact details - email: [email protected], phone: 0044 (0)1666 822945 August 27 2015 7 course renaissance lute made by Ian Harwood and John Isaacs 1972 Parting with an old companion.Or look to see if the same instrument is on e Bay by another seller. It was built in 2015 for a 'small Frei' 11 course lute, 66cm playing string length. Asking price: $ 850 CAD, or other reasonable offers. Bozhinov Contact: [email protected] 13 2015 5 course Medieval lute c.1470, with gut strings in g’ at 440Hz, 52.5cm string length by JM Instruments 2010. I bought this lute in the mid 1970’s from a consignment music store in Durham, NC. 207-233-7560 [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture August 20 2015 8c renaissance lute by Martin Haycock, Chichester 2010, 59,5cm, 13 rib, red yew-wood back 4600 euros with Kingham case.

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