Dog dating experience

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I'm very familiar with Ok Cupid and I know a lot of success stories. From a former boss who met her husband, to coworkers who met their fiancé and soon-to-be fiancé, and to my very own best friend who met her long-term boyfriend on the site. This one time, a close friend of mine went on a date with a guy who after one date broke it off because she wasn't a dog person. Ok Cupid is like any other online dating Web site, except it's free.

Neuroticism is also associated with depression and hostility.

And when I told so many of my friends that I wasn't on it, their response was always, "Why?

Unless you're one of my girlfriends, you probably know nothing about who I've dated or who I'm interested in.

In a broad sense, pet owners were found to be much more conscientious than those who do not own pets, which makes sense.

Having another living being to tend to day after day certainly makes you more responsible and focused.

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