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Suffice to say, that there have been sufficent alternatives to Singlestation and many of them are cheap and a couple are virutally free depending on how you use them.I also was member of competive dating services and was actually a part owner of one of the competitors, and in fact my wife & I, are the last members of another service to be married off before the owner of that service died.Naturally I doubt there will much in the way of records about me with Singlestation considering I had all records of my involvement removed via the then owner.That was easy too, because I had computer related involvement with the then owner too, so I actually had capability to see my records deleted in my presense.I too was responding to an ad I heard on the radio numerous times around the time of my divorce.

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It was like they just ignored everything I specified, and threw matches together.When I went for the interview, I met with a man named Johnathan. Told me about how they have over 10,000 members, and that I would meet people who fit my EXACT CRITERIA. I must have told him I needed to think about it 20 times, and that i wouldn't pay that much today.He showed me profiles and pictures of women who looked great, and I would like to meet. He kept pushing me about how nothing else has worked and I'd be a fool not to join.At most I believe you could do well with spending less than per month and still get many letimate dates with quality people.And wouldnt have to rely soley on video profiles that often are either faked or too old.

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