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"But I can't really say we've had many emergencies."At Newell's suggestion, The Memphis Flyer reviewed five years' worth of complaints that occurred at Wayside Inn, formerly the Little Gun Motel, at 1462 Elvis Presley Boulevard.Thirty-four police reports have been taken since 1992.A white man in his early 20s pulls up in a blue Ford truck with Kentucky plates.He speaks to two of the regular prostitutes, then walks out into the street with them.According to the original ordinance, businesses could not operate within 1,500 feet of a church, a school, a park, or a boundary to a residential district.If the distance rule were broken, the license could be rescinded, and the owners could not reapply for a license for another 12 months.

A court struck down the fee as too excessive, so the council lowered the permit cost to 0.

From my motel-room window, I can see him fidgeting with the bill on his baseball cap.

After several minutes he retreats into a room with one of the black hookers.

There are currently 25 identifiable hourly-rate motels in Shelby County, representing 17 percent of all area hotels.

The council has been told by the courts that it simply cannot shut down independent motels that charge by the hour, and the motel owners do not appear ready to give up their current locations.

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