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"I'm fine thanks to you." Lena smiled, closing and locking the door before turning back to Kara, "And Supergirl of course." "Good." Kara smiled back. To explore the possibility, without, you know..." "Being me." Kara smiled softly, "When I'm Supergirl, I feel like I can do anything..." "It's not just a costume..." Clark continued for her.There was a brief, kind of awkward silence and then Lena asked, "Did you want something? No, I..." Kara stammered, taken off-guard and not entirely sure why, "I just wanted to make sure you're okay, and figured you could use a friend. " "I'll have whatever you're having." Kara shrugged, taking a seat on the couch. "It's like I'm somebody else." Kara said softly, "The best version of myself." "I get that." Clark said softly, "And if you think this woman can love more than just the symbol on your chest, that if you want it there as a sort of training wheel, or if you just want to feel brave, I get that too." "See, this is why I came to you instead of Alex or Maggie." Kara smiled, then added before he could continue, "And I know, I need to be careful, and not let things go too far without telling her the truth." Clark smiled, "I just want you to be careful." "I know." Kara smiled back, giving him another hug.“They then developed romantic interests in each other and, before you knew it, they were texting every day. He loves that she’s so caring.” This will be the first marriage for Prince Harry.The royal previously dated Chelsy Davy on and off for seven years until splitting for good in 2010.

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There was a brief silence as Lena got the laughter out of her system before soberly admitting, "Even the kissing was a great embarrassment to mother. I guess it was just another way I disappointed her." "Lena, I'm sorry." Kara said softly after a brief pause. it doesn't matter." Lena swallowed, before smiling, "I'd much rather talk about the pretty blonde in the cape. That, that I've never felt more safe than when I'm around her.

Meghan Markle’s parents, Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland, have released a statement following the news of their daughter’s engagement to Prince Harry.

British Royalty: Then and Now “We are incredibly happy for Meghan and Harry,” the statement, which Kensington Palace released on Monday, November 27, reads.

That meant going to her after a traumatic experience, like almost falling to her death, which was why it broke Kara's heart to find her friend surprised to see her when she opened the door.

"Kara." Lena beamed, stepping aside so her friend could enter, "What a wonderful surprise." "Supergirl told me what happened. " Kara asked as she took the silent invitation to come inside the apartment. I feel like I don't know anything anymore." There was another long pause and then Clark cautiously added, "That's why you want to go, right?

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