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When the cow appears to be hit by the actor it was a controlled stunt, from a construction crane.

Furniture pads and foam barriers were used between the cow and the actor to buffer the blow.

All the animals were placed by trainers into the cages just before filming began and removed immediately once the scene was over.

En route each contestant finds creative ways to beat the clock: Owen (Gooding Jr.) commandeers a busload of Lucille Ball impersonators on their way to a Lucy Convention, a mother and daughter duo (Goldberg and Chapman) have a run-in with "Squirrel Lady" (Baker), Enrico (Atkinson) hitches a ride with an organ donor delivery truck, Nick (Meyer) has an airborne cow encounter while dangling from a balloon, the Cody brothers (Vieluf and Green) have their own cow encounter and Randy (Lovitz) steals Adolph Hitler's limo. Animals somehow manage to foil the contestants along the way.

The critter cast includes squirrels, cows, horses, a dog and several animals that ended up on the cutting room floor including a rabbit and some snakes.

Squirrel Lady's roadside abode is home to crowded cages that contain squirrels she hopes to adopt out to random travelers.

She coos at her little wards and obviously feels passionately about them, some of which are dressed in fancy little skirts and collars.

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